At Melbourne Antique Clocks, every clock is first completely stripped down to its barest components and every part meticulously cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaners.
Various cleaning processes are used depending on the condition of the clock. If it has been serviced within the last 7 years, the clock may only require a minor service. However in cases where a clock has been running for many years and badly over-oiled a number of times with the wrong sort of oil, a complete service may be necessary.
Work on your precious clock only commences once every part has been cleaned and is closely examined, often with the microscope for damage and wear and all necessary repairs and corrections are carried out. Pivots are burnished by a Swiss Hauser Machine. The pivots are restored to the clock’s original mirror finish.
Then careful reassembly is carried out. The movement is correctly oiled with the highest quality clock oils. I only use the best Swiss quality Mobius clock oils, there are 5 different types of oils used, as each wheel has a different type of wear and pressure on them when running.
The clock is then carefully mounted in the case, and the winding arbors aligned with the winding holes on the front of the dial. These need to be perfect. The clock is then put “in beat” and the timing process starts. Electronic timing machines are used to synchronise the clock. A full bench test for a minimum of 2 weeks is carried out, to ensure the clock is chiming, striking, and keeping perfect time.

The clock is then returned to you, in absolute pristine restored condition.